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Rooms and apartments in the most beautiful and central district of Venice: San Marco.


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Stay in the most charming district of Venice: San Marco.

From its origins, the city has been divided into six districts, known as Sestieri. 
San Marco is the oldest sestiere, rich in attractions and monuments. The Piazza, known as the ‘drawing room of the world’, has always been the centre of all Venetian life.

Alloggia nel quartiere più affascinante di Venezia: San Marco.

Dalle sue origini, la città è divisa in sei quartieri, noti con il nome di Sestieri. San Marco è il sestiere più antico, ricco di attrazioni e monumenti. La Piazza, nota come “salotto del mondo”, è da sempre il centro di tutta la vita veneziana.


Are you coming to Venice as a couple? With your family? With your lifelong friends? Or is it a business trip?

Daplace Apartments are the ideal solution if you want a whole private space at your complete disposal in the heart of Rome. You will have it all.
The living room with sofa and TV, the dining table, a well-equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms, elegantly designed and perfectly clean bathrooms. Large windows and terraces where you can take a breath of fresh air and enjoy a drink on the hottest days.

Here is Sardela, our Apartment in Venice


Would you prefer staying in a room? You can’t go wrong! Our rooms are the perfect retreat in the center of Venice. For you, your sweetheart, your friends, your family, or for a business trip.
Suites of every size with modern furnishings in central areas, with easy and fast check-in. Large and comfortable beds, bathrooms with showers, eco-sustainable soaps and shampoos, fast WiFi, mini-bar, Smart TV, air conditioning and heating.
Here is a selection of Daplace Rooms in Venice.

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Vuoi un soggiorno a Roma ancora più esclusivo?

Qui trovi una ristretta selezione di appartamenti di livello superiore, con un design unico e una storia da raccontare. Vivi un’esperienza a Roma di livello massimo. Ti presentiamo i nostri due alloggi Premium:

Venice is a Fish

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Aurora Apartment - Trevi Area

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Experience the perfect stay

We have digitized many aspects to simplify your life, but without ever losing the human touch! Making the travel experience truly perfect has always been our mission. By paying more attention to details, from a comfortable mattress to eco-friendly shampoo bottles. Facilitating every step, from the booking process to the check-out. And it works! Because being hospitable is a gesture that comes from the heart. It has come naturally to us, for over 10 years.

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